Registration for Match-Making Event No 2 + Statement of Interest


Thu, 13 October 2022 - 9am - 5pm each; A detailed schedule is published below


Webex - Registration (Statement of Interest) for the individual sessions/project presentations via e-mail:


In the course of the RIE funding programme to date, 36 development cooperation projects have been identified that are interested in carrying out an RIE. Some of them are still looking for a scientific partner to implemenent an RIE (see timetable below). That is why we are having a smaller 2nd Match-Making Event. A project overview can be found here. The Match-Making Event is intended to identify suitable scientific cooperation partners for the development cooperation projects.


State-owned and officially recognised German universities, university hospitals and non-university research institutions based in Germany that are recognised as non-profit organizations and conduct their own research are eligible to apply.


The Match-Making Event proceeds as follows:

  1. Project presentation: Each project will be briefly presented by the teams (max. 10 - 15 min), and there will be a short Q&A session about the project (max. 10 - 15 min). The project teams themselves choose whether their session will be in German or in English.
  2. Speed dating: Afterwards there will be a 1:1 meeting between interested scientists and DC projects (5-15 min). Interested scientists must register in advance by submitting a "Statement of Interest".
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